The 63rd China Education and Equipment Exhibition opened in Changchun City,Commercial vehicle operations and operations management services Articles Jilin Province, the school bus shows the biggest bright spot of the current Education and Equipment Exhibition, many car manufacturers are actively intelligent technology to enhance the safe operation of the school bus.

At the show, the reporter learned that SAIC, FAW Group, Yellow Bus, car manufacturers actively promoting the intelligent use of a school bus, in order to protect the safety of school bus operation. Among them, the SAIC introduced the assembly “InteCare OK WINGS” MAXUS Chase V80 school bus,

SAIC Commercial Vehicles Limited regional general manager of Mi Ying said, release “InteCare OK WINGS first assembly in the new MAXUS Chase V80 on a school bus and intelligent technical support, not only for school bus safety management, more Junkyards near me effective improve school bus safety regulation, to reduce the operating costs of the school bus.

According to reports, jointly developed by SAIC and China Telecom InteCare line wing pass “is a whole network intelligence platform, integrated vehicle networking, Internet and intelligent traffic system. For example, in school bus safety and security of the vehicle terminal to save every time up and down the students’ position and number of personnel, drivers and related personnel information, timing automatically saved data to return the vehicle information service platform, the platform terminal automatically for each vehicle an analysis report.

Insiders said that the fact, with intelligent technology in the application of the school bus, school bus with Automatic Crash, a key rescue, remote diagnostics and other functions, allows the vehicles, drivers, passengers, cargo, etc. in real-time dynamic guardianship and scheduling, and allows the government administration, the operator of the subject of vehicles,


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